About us

Surrey Water Gardens & Pet Centre (SWG) is a small, independent business located within Clandon Park in West Clandon  village, near Guildford in Surrey.  We are a pet shop that specialises in reptiles but also stock products for ponds, pond fish and water features.


With a team of four full time staff and several part time staff, we pride ourselves on our customer service, our knowledge of the products we stock, our enthusiasm and experience in keeping and breeding reptiles.


Graham, the owner, has worked at SWG since the age of 14 and has shaped the business to become what is now one of the largest stockists of reptiles in Surrey.


As a team, we only believe in selling reptiles that make suitable pets.
We do, however, have some long-term residents including an Albino Burmese Python, Dumerils Boas, Common Boas and Don the Croc on display.  


We offer knowledge gained from over 60 years of collective experience in keeping and breeding reptiles.  Our advice is ALWAYS for the benefit of the animal and not for the sole purpose of increasing our sales.  Our advice is born from our own experience of what we have found to be the most successful husbandry and breeding methods for each species but we don't claim to know about every species.  If we haven't kept it we will tell you!  We are aware that our advice sometimes contradicts advice from other shops, websites and forums but it is what we find works for us and our existing customers.  If you are looking for honest advice from experienced reptile enthusiasts look no further than SWG.



Frozen mice & rats and livefood delivered weekly

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